Step 1:   

Find your local 4-H club and contact the leader to get started.  There are both general clubs and clubs specific to livestock species.   You can find a link to all the current clubs in Dearborn County at the bottom of this page.  If you are unsure which club would be best for you, please get in touch with the extension office at (812)-926-1189 for assistance.  


Step 2:  

Check the Dearborn County 4-H Handbook for project ideas and requirements.  You can request a paper copy from your 4-H Club leader or click the link to check out the handbook online:  2023 Handbook.


Step 3:  

Enroll in 4-H.  Your county Purdue Extension office staff can assist you with beginning the 4-H Youth Member enrollment process in 4HOnline, the preferred enrollment method, or provide you with a paper enrollment form.  The online enrollment is found at

January 15 is the online enrollment deadline.  Paper enrollment is accepted until May 15th. 

For a paper enrollment form, please get in touch with the Extension Office at (812)-926-1189.


Step 4:  

Questions? If you need assistance with enrollment or have other questions about 4-H, don’t hesitate to contact our Extension office.  Our information is found at this link: