How Do I Join 4-H?

Step 1:   Find your local 4-H club and contact the leader to get started.  There are both general clubs and clubs specific to livestock species.   You can find a link to all the current clubs in Dearborn County at the bottom of this page .  If you are not sure which club would be best for you, please contact the extension office at (812)-926-1189 for assistance.  
Step 2:  Check out the Dearborn County 4-H Handbook for project ideas and requirements.  You can request a paper copy from your 4-H Club leader or you can click the link to check out the handbook online:
Click here for the Handbook   
Step 3:  Enroll in 4-H.  Your county Purdue Extension office staff can assist you with beginning the 4-H Youth Member enrollment process in 4HOnline, the preferred method of enrollment, or provide you with a paper enrollment form.  The online enrollment is found at

January 15this the online enrollment deadline.  Paper enrollment is accepted until May 15th. 

For a paper enrollment form, please contact the Extension Office at (812)-926-1189.
Step 4:  Questions? If you need assistance with enrollment or have other questions about 4-H, please contact our Extension office.  Our information is found at this link:

2019/2020 Dearborn County 4-H Club List

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