4‑H is delivered by Cooperative Extension—a community of more than 100 public universities across the nation that provides experiences where young people learn by doing. Kids complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agricultureand citizenship, in a positive environment where they receive guidance from adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles. Kids experience 4‑H in every county and parish in the country—through in-school and after-school programs, school and community clubs and 4‑H camps”. (Source: www.4-H.org)


The Mission of 4-H

The mission of today’s 4-H is to help youth and volunteers in their development through experiential educational programs, using the knowledge and educational base of Purdue University and the United States Department of Agriculture.  It is accomplished through direct involvement of youth, adults, and the community.  4-H educational programs are designed to empower young people to become independent and participating members of their family and community by creating experiences to build self-confidence, developing inquiring minds, encouraging interpersonal cooperation, developing concern for the community, and teaching decision-making through real life participation.