If you intend to show livestock, rabbit or poultry (except horse and alpaca) at the Fair this year, you must complete YQCA training in order to exhibit.
Three training’s are offered for your convenience this year: February 17 during the Rabbit & Poultry workshop, 2-3 pm at Agner Hall, April 27 during the livestock workshop from 12-1, Agner Hall, and May 15 from 5-6 pm at the Extension Office meeting room.
Please register before the workshop you plan to attend by going to YQCA.org, selecting the date, registering and making payment.
The cost of the workshop is $3 for face-to-face training. If you choose to complete the course on-line to fit into your schedule, you are welcome to complete that way and the cost is $12. Face-to-face training offers a general training for youth grades 3-12; on-line training individualizes training for each age level.
You may attend a training without registering beforehand, but you will have only 1 week to go to YQCA.org and complete registration and payment. We cannot accept money at the door, and We cannot approve participants who are not registered.
If you have questions please contact the office at 812-926-1189 or email liz at ebeiers@purdue.edu